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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Third Fold (The Angel of Death Smokes Camels)

The Third Fold (The Angel of Death Smokes Camels)

This drawing was made in memory of my Grandpa Conley Ferguson, a.k.a. "Fergy," a.k.a "Frog." A WWII veteran, repairman, avid fisherman, devious card player, and father of five, he died of emphysema and pancreatic failure a number of years ago. The main image is of an exploded diagram view of the parts of an old meat grinder that I found in his basement shortly after he passed. "The third fold," part of the flag folding ceremony, is done in honor of veterans who have left our ranks.

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My first post on my first blog...  While I occasionally have interesting thoughts and ideas to share, I don't assume most people are just dying to read them. I am an artist, and while I don't have the knowledge yet to create my own website, I thought I'd start with this.